Newlywed Love (#68)

June 6-14, 1970

At Nate's house.After Nate’s last exams and the end of my school year in Danville, the two of us headed off to an all-day Nyman family reunion. From there we continued on to Nate’s home to spend several days with his brother (right) and parents.

Our two little charges, Toby 2 and Baron, came along, providing non-stop entertainment.

From there we drove to Wilmette where Mom and Dad had a chance to get acquainted with their grand-doggies. The first Toby, our family dog for 15 years, had been Mom’s constant companion, and she missed him dearly. Cuddling with two lookalikes did something special for her heart, and even Dad bonded with our little buddies.

Mom loves the puppiesDad and puppy.

During the week we connected with Mary, Bervin, brother Tom, Aunt Agnes, and others, one of which was our friend Connie.

She had a new puppy, too, and her roommate was longing for a dog of her own. She asked if we’d ever consider parting with one of our little guys, and though we gave her a firm no, we looked at each other and then told her we’d think about it.

Connie and pup


At the beachToward mid-week we drove the 110 miles to our family’s summer cottage in Michigan, where the poochies had their first beach experience. They wore them- selves out dashing up and down the dunes, and though neither braved a swim, both loved scampering along the water line. Nate and I bragged to Mom and Dad about how smart they were, learning to potty outdoors and even whining to get out when they needed to go.

Puppies diggingAs the week passed, we talked about the possibility of parting with one of our puppies. The reality was that two dogs might be one too many in our small Champaign apartment.

By the time we arrived back in Wilmette, we knew what was the wise thing to do – surrender one of them to Connie’s roommate. She was thrilled when we told her and came right over to play with them and learn their personalities.

Since Nate and I loved them equally, we let her choose which one she wanted: it was Toby 2. The only good thing about this transition (so difficult for us) was that now, instead of being a #2, Toby 2 became a full-fledged Toby – and a definite #1 with his new owner.

Holding him closeOur drive back to Champaign after a week away was quiet and sad. I held Baron close, promising him we’d never let him go. The next day, however, brought a bit of bad news. While showing him off to several neighbors, one of them said, “Don’t you know dogs aren’t allowed in our building?”

We hadn’t considered such a possibility and had never thought to ask the landlord. But one thing was certain – hiding one dog would be easier than hiding two.
“There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” (Matthew 10:26)