Young Love (#124)

Friday, November 28, 1969

If we thought yesterday was busy, today was double that. Nate and I still had to secure our marriage license from City Hall. And the large room in the basement of the church still needed to be set up and decorated for the reception. The bridesmaids needed to practice their song together, since they had only been practicing as individuals till now.

Nate needed to chat with Pastor Sweeting, and I needed to touch base with the mothers of our child-participants to be sure they would be at the rehearsal tonight. Were their clothes in order? Did they understand their roles? Was there any reluctance among them?

And then there was my bridal gown.

Bridal gowns.I began pursuing that as soon as the store opened. It left me speechless to be told it was “on its way” rather than already hanging at the shop. “Just after lunch,” they said.

Nate and I needed to wrap our thank-you gifts for those participating in the wedding and reception (30 of them). A mountain of groom’s cake boxes had to be transported to the church, and someone had to make several more trips to the airport.

Marriage licenseBut first things first. Nate and I headed for Chicago’s Loop and the Office of Records to get our marriage license. Although it was a very nondescript office, being there was a highlight for us. We went right out and celebrated by making a 25-cent strip of photos to memorialize the moment.

The pictures would go into our “ENGAGEMENT TO WEDDING” scrapbook. Soon I would finish that one and switch to the one called “WEDDING THROUGH HONEYMOON.”

IMG_5374On our way back to Wilmette we stopped at the church to drop off a load of decorations and the boxes of wedding programs. We were excited to see that tables and chairs were already being put into place for the reception the next day.


FullSizeRender(5)When we walked in at home, we were greeted by the sweet sound of bridesmaids rehearsing their number. It was impressive how good they sounded, and I was so glad they were willing to sing during the ceremony. Their song, “Thanks Be to God,” was one of my very favorites. (l. to r. Glo, Jan, Mary)

From that point on, we began to divide and conquer. Mom, Aunt Joyce, and most of the others headed for the church to begin decorating, and Nate left to run groom-errands with his brother. When he kissed me goodbye he said, “I’ll see you at the church! Six o’clock!”

I headed for the bridal shop, silently praying my gown would be waiting for me. Traffic was horrendous, and it took me over an hour to make the 25 minute drive. When I walked in they must have recognized me by the anxiety on my face. After talking to them so often in the last few days, I didn’t even bother to give my name.

“I sure hope it’s ready!” I said, with a frantic urgency that was no act.

“Are you Miss Johnson?”


“Anxiety in a [woman’s] heart weighs [her] down, but a good word makes [her] glad.” (Proverbs 12:25)

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