As of tomorrow, Meg and Nate’s newlywed story will be on hold for about 10 days. Six of my grandchildren and their parents will be here taking precedence over     blog-writing time as we play at the beach.



From Iowa (top) and Florida (bottom)

    But before this brief hiatus, one last post about the newlyweds,                       sending them out on a high.


May 4, 1970

From my journal:

This afternoon Nate was home before I was, writing one of his long final papers. When I began to put my key in the apartment lock, the door swung open wide, and before me stood a tall, black stool upon which was an avocado green napkin, upon which was a large silver tray, upon which was our long-awaited Chicago teachers pension check — $838.11…. instant salvation from debt – presented to me on a silver platter! Exuberant hugging, kissing, and a celebration dinner out!

JournalWe had been struggling to stay ahead financially, borrowing here and there from parents and the university, but had both been bothered by it. When the check from Chicago came, we could hardly believe it! It had been weeks, actually months, since we’d applied, and we were sure my teaching record had slipped through the cracks.

What a pleasure it would be to pay off the university and Nate’s parents. The money we owed Dad for his help with the Mustang would take longer, but with these funds, we could make a big dent in it. And what a good feeling that was!

HailstonesEven nature decided to celebrate with us. A sudden, wild hailstorm covered our brick street with marble-size hailstones, delivering them in a torrential rain. Because it was warm out, we skipped down the stairs with bowl-in-hand and filled it with hailstones.

Though it was nearly 11:00 PM when we climbed back up to our apartment, we had made a fun, slap-happy memory. The fact that we were soaked didn’t detract from the reality that it had been a good day – a very good day.

We had fresh bounty for our bank account and a bowlful of hailstones for our freezer.

“Be very careful, then, how you live — not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity…” (Ephesians 5:15-16)

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