Newlywed Love (#46)

March 22, 1970

News of Mary’s pregnancy spread fast, and Mom was beside herself with glee. She wrote in her diary…

Mom's joyGuess what ——- WE’RE TO BE GRANDPARENTS!!!! Praise the Lord! WONDERFUL NEWS! Mary told us as she ironed in her bedroom. Happy! Happy!

In a letter to Nate and me she wrote…

Isn’t this delightful news? Isn’t God good?

Mom's letter

Grandparents soonSome might say, “Who wants to bring a child into today’s tangled world?” But the world is an exciting, challenging place. It’s great to be alive and involved. “A little child shall lead them.” Perhaps Bervin and Mary’s little child. “All things are possible to those who believe.” I may not have quoted that accurately, but the truth of that saying is in Holy Writ. *

Then she challenged Nate and I to lead for Christ, too, and wrote…

But we don’t have to wait for that child. You kids have the same potential, plus youth and “every good thing.” So get on with the job. With Christ – everything! Without Christ – everything the world can offer, but terminally.

Mom was waxing eloquent, and I could tell her heart was soaring. For her, children were the best thing earthly life had to offer.

After all of Mom’s rejoicing over this good news about a new little relative on the way, Nate and I decided to talk about children, squaring off with the question of whether or not we would want to have any, and if so, when.

We didn’t get very far, though. With the rest of law school, the bar exam, and military service stretching out ahead of us (as well as unnumbered decisions), the only thing to conclude was that having children any time soon wouldn’t be good.

M and N.That was fine with us. We were content just to be a couple and weren’t ready for anything or anyone to rearrange that. Becoming an aunt and uncle would offer the chance to play with a baby regularly and delight in the phenomenon of children without the responsibility.

And it was interesting to see that Mom’s happiness over her coming grandchild spilled over onto her other new relative, too. She concluded her letter with this…

Just think! We have a new son-in-law in [the family] too — Nathan. He has kindled himself warmly into our hearts. We love you, Nate!

It was all good news. And while we waited for the new baby to start the next generation in our extended family, Nate and I decided we’d better do our best to accept Mom’s challenge, to “live up to our potential with our youth and (as she put it) every good thing.”

* Jesus said…. “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” (Mark 9:23)

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