Newlywed Love (#65)

May 29, 1970

As our 6 month anniversary arrived, there were still lots of question marks in our future plans, but one thing was certain: Nate and I were still crazy about each other.

From my journal:

Reading the BibleWhen I consider our marriage thus far, I am pleased pink. Not any area has been a disappointment. We do some things regularly that hold great meaning. For example, we read Scripture daily and have a bedtime prayer time daily as well. We seem to be more deeply interested in each other’s problems because of the subject matter of the prayer times.

We had to admit we’d learned a great deal about each other since we’d met, and had learned at high speed since we’d gotten married. So we wondered together how much more there would be to know about each other. “Do you think,” I said, “we’ll keeping learning new things all the way to the end?”

Kisses“Maybe so,” he said, “but so far 99% of it has been good.”

“Only 99%?” I said.

“Well, maybe 99.9%.” I loved the smile he wore when he said it.

The journal continues:

Another fabulous time is in the morning when we have a chance to cuddle. We set the alarm 20 minutes early so we can look at each other all mussed up from sleeping and swollen-eyed and pink-cheeked. It’s so neat to have some pre-workday “snestling” while it’s warm and cuddly beneath the blankets. The mood seems so soft and comfortable.

Meg's journal

What a perfect way to start off every day, caressing and saying the tenderest of words. It’s the most precious 20 minutes of the whole day. I think of that time all day long, and when I see Nate in the evening, it seems like we pick up in closeness right where we left off.

Since Nate’s last exam took place on our anniversary, it was fitting we celebrate our special milestone by going out to eat. It was extra special that for the first time in many months, he had no studies hanging over his head, no academic pressure. This made for jubilant dinner conversation, and he kindly approved of the goofy poem I’d written for the occasion. 

Meg's card

There once was a fellow named Nate

Who had many a wonderful trait.

He could often create

At a fabulous rate,

So his readers he’d all stimulate.

The silly sentiment continued for 3 stanzas, 15 lines all rhyming with the word “Nate.” Later that night I expounded further praise for my husband in my journal:

It seems unbelievably great that we’re going to get to live together and sleep together another day and another week and for years and years!

New cookie jarNate gave me a cookie jar of orange glass (on the table behind me) which I loved and promised to fill as soon as I got a chance to bake.

And his touching letter elevated the whole day to a wonderfully high level:

I’ll love you forever. Our marriage is truly in harmony with the Divine Scheme. Let us always keep it that way.    Love forever, Nate

Nate's letter

“Live peacefully with each other.” (1 Thessalonians 5:13)

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